Plaster Calculator

Plaster Calculator

How to use the Plaster Calculator.

 Below mentioned provides a step-by-step guide to help users make accurate calculations and to use the calculator effectively- 

Step 1: Accessing the Plaster Quantity Calculator:

To access the Plaster Quantity Calculator, open the web page in any modern web browser. The calculator interface will be displayed, showing input fields and options for entering the required parameters.

Step 2: Entering the Project Measurements:

The first step is to enter the project measurements. The calculator requires three measurements: Length, Breadth, and Thickness of the area to be plastered. Simply enter these values in the corresponding input fields. 

You can choose to enter the measurements in either meters or feet by selecting the appropriate unit from the dropdown menus beside each input field.

Step 3: Selecting the Mix Ratio:

The next step is to select the desired mix ratio for the plaster. The mix ratio represents the proportion of cement to sand in the plaster mixture. The calculator offers a range of commonly used mix ratios in the dropdown menu. Choose the mix ratio that suits your project requirements.

Step 4: Clicking the Calculate Button:

Once you have entered the measurements and selected the mix ratio, click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will instantly perform the necessary calculations based on the inputs provided.

Step 5: Reviewing the Results:

After clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator will display the quantities of cement and sand required for the plastering project. 

The results will be shown in both cubic meters (m³) and cubic feet (cft) to accommodate different measurement preferences.

The results will display:

Cement Quantity: The amount of cement required for the plaster, in cubic meters (m³), the corresponding number of cement bags, and the quantity in cubic feet (cft) will be displayed as results.

Sand Quantity: The quantity of sand needed for the plaster, in cubic meters (m³) and cubic feet (cft)will be displayed in the result.

Step 6: Reviewing the Results:

Carefully review and analyse the results provided by the calculator. The quantities of cement and sand presented will help you plan your project more accurately, ensuring you have the correct materials on hand for plastering. The results allow you to estimate the required quantities based on the provided measurements and the selected mix ratio.

cement sand required in 33 sq meter area and 12mm thickness by plaster calculator
Image (screenshot) by author showing cement and sand required for plaster for an area of (10x3.3)m and 12mm thickness.


The Plaster Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone involved in plastering projects, whether you are a professional contractor, a construction enthusiast, or a homeowner undertaking a renovation project. 

By providing the necessary project measurements and selecting the appropriate mix ratio, the calculator swiftly calculates the quantities of cement and sand required for plastering. This ensures efficient planning, cost estimation, and optimal utilization of resources.

Using this calculator saves time, reduces errors, and promotes accuracy in estimating material requirements. 

With the Plaster Calculator at your disposal, you can confidently proceed with your plastering projects, knowing that you have the correct quantities of cement and sand to achieve a successful outcome.

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